The Powdered Sugar technique
that will drive him wild!

Here's your free 14-minute training to melt him so he looks at you with heart emojis in his's simpler than you think.

What to expect with this counter-intuitive touch:

  • This first easy step unravels years of hurt, anger, and resentment about what's gone wrong so you can feel connected again in the bedroom.

  • Follow along step-by-step... show your love through physical touch while feeling relaxed and confident.

  • Nobody has done this with him before... be the first one and watch the sparks turn into fireworks, reigniting the passion.

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Imagine confidently delivering 15 minutes of erotic massage that will melt him. Follow along step-by-step for more connection and play with your guy tonight.

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This 5-day experience focuses on YOU discovering what you really need... and what he needs, too. Includes a life-changing, step-by-step 45-minute erotic massage demo PLUS the Date Night course.

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Enjoy a complete library of erotic massage & communication techniques, plus ultimate confidence. Heal any hurt or resentment, and turn it into a lifetime of passion with your partner.

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Coming soon...

This hilariously candid story describes how a woman went from avoiding sex to unleashing her inner sex goddess and reveling in taking control in the bedroom.

Prepare to dive deep down the rabbit hole of the dangerous and liberating world of sex work. This true story will debunk the negative archetype of a sex worker, and will inspire women to step into their own sexual power.

Ladies, meet your Sex Coach...

Lee Jagger


Lee, Sexpert and Founder of Rock The Bedroom, has helped thousands of women connect with their guys and have more fun in the bedroom using her signature erotic massage techniques.

Lee has made it her mission to normalize conversations around sexuality and liberate women in the bedroom. Her “hands-on” experience with over 2,000 male clients has helped her to understand what really drives men wild--and it's not what most women think.


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