Erotic Massage Course

Watch the video to discover a whole new way to blow your partner's mind in the bedroom!

Spice up my date night NOW!

Have you been looking for something new in the bedroom?
THIS is it.

✓  For couples who want a passionate, playful date night activity

✓  Spice things up in the bedroom

✓  Deepen your connection

✓  Your partner will be moaning with pleasure

I’ll walk you through this five-sense experience step-by-step . . . your partner will be calling out your name in bliss.
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Imagine what will happen NEXT when you’ve confidently delivered 15 minutes of erotic massage

Here's what you get:


  • Online training videos ... watch in private

  • You'll learn a 15 min massage ... broken down into 5 easy massage techniques (easy to remember for when you’ve lost your mind in the bedroom)

  • Unlimited access to this training … watch it again and again

  • No experience necessary

  • BONUS VIDEO:  How To Massage Like A Pro

Spice up my date night NOW! (only $97)
YES! I’m showing you EVERYTHING! My hands are on a naked body and you’re going to watch exactly how to do this (nothing is blurred out in the training).
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Meet Your Sex Coach...

Lee Jagger

I help ladies master erotic massage so they can feel like a sex goddess and confidently rock her man’s world.

Over the past six years as America's Sex Coach, I've been helping thousands of clients be more confident, creative, and playful between the sheets. I’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t).

It's my mission to help couples move from a stale, same ol' sex routine to the next level of passionate playtime. 

Ready to have a date night that will ignite the passion in a new way?

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Spice up my date night NOW! (Only $97)