Rock Your Bedroom Connection 

Ladies! Press PLAY and see how you can reconnect with your guy and have more fun in the bedroom



Imagine strutting into the bedroom like you OWN it


✓   Make sparks fly even with menopause, a low libido, and his ED issues

✓   The days of feeling awkward touching a penis are over

✓   Feel more connected to your man than you have in years

✓   Leave him on a sex-high for days... without even having sex

✓   Take him to heaven in less than 5 minutes... for those times when you just want to sleep

Yes, I want to feel more connected in the bedroom

Re-igniting the spark after 35 years of marriage


Confidence, Communication, and Play... All Through the Roof!


Finding the Intimacy of Her Dreams


Single and Confident AF

69 juicy ways to touch his privates  . . . lots to choose from each day of the week


"Because I feel more confident, I’m more likely to initiate."


"All-out yummy! Can’t love on this enough. It is a gift to the world." 


"It is so much fun to have that much confidence and going, Oh, you're gonna like me! I’m only in module one and I’m like, Are you kidding?!"


"I feel absolute bliss being able to give him the pleasure that he deserves. Now when I touch his penis, I touch it with confidence."

No experience necessary--I show you EVERYTHING! My hands are on a naked body and you’re going to watch exactly how to do this (nothing is blurred out in the training).

Follow this 3-stage formula to reconnect with your guy:


Let's get you ready


  • Change what you think is possible in the bedroom. 
  • Imagine not feeling trapped in your current relationship.
  • Imagine enjoying your relationship even more every day
  • Rediscover the feelings you had in the beginning.


Ask for what you want


  • No more hurt feelings in the bedroom
  • Be heard when you say "no"
  • The exact words you need to have your wishes honored and fulfilled
  • Discover how to express all your unmet desires for more intimacy
  • Making tough conversations easy


Erotic Massage Mastery:
Drive him wild in bed


  • Easy-to-follow video instructions for over 69 “happy ending” techniques. 
  • Watch what you need right before your date night
  • Touch his privates better than any other woman has
  • Leave him on a sex-high for days without even having sex
  • Take him to heaven in less than 5 minutes… for those times when you just want to sleep


What would having the ultimate connection with your guy be worth to you?

➤  Imagine the cost of couples therapy (up to $250 per hour), and spending several hours in counseling because you're not connecting in the bedroom. Let's get that taken care of right now.

➤  You could spend hundreds of dollars on lingerie and toys to spice things up, but they're just bandaids that don't address underlying issues. Plus, the reality is that they can only do one thing. The tools you're going to learn here are going to help you spice things up in AND OUT of the bedroom.

➤  How much have you spent on vacation getaways because you weren't connecting? And then when you got there, you still weren't able to connect? Or maybe you did find a spark, but then it faded quickly after you got back home? The skills you're about to learn will be with you forever and will turn that spark into a bonfire of passion--that lasts.

➤  Divorce sets couples back tens of thousands of dollars. Someone said, "Divorce starts in the bedroom and ends in the courtroom." If your sex life is in crisis, you need these skills STAT! And if your relationship is doing well, these are the tools you need to ensure that it stays solid in the bedroom and out of the court room. 

Get CONFIDENT AF in the bedroom!

Online format fits your busy schedule

$1997 USD

One Payment ($303 savings off the 4 pymt option)

  • Step-by-step training
  • No massage experience necessary
  • 8.5 hours of pre-recorded videos, broken into a collection of short videos 2-15 minutes each (watch what you need, when you need it)
  • Learn in private from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Simple massage techniques for his whole body (not just his privates)
  • 69+ happy ending techniques
  • Recommendations for all the tools & supplies you'll need
  • Unlimited access (watch it again and again)
  • Communication techniques (with downloadable PDFs)
  • PLUS Bonuses totaling ~ $800:
  • BONUS video: Take The Fear Out Of Initiating Intimacy ($97 value)
  • BONUS video: Performance Anxiety--Gone! ($97 value)
  • BONUS videos: Know Exactly What To Do If He Can't Get An Erection ($297 value)
  • BONUS videos: One-Handed Techniques ($297 value)
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Four Payments

  • All the features and bonuses in the One Payment option
  • 4 easy payments
4 Monthly Payments

Immediately when you sign up, you'll receive access to the video lessons and downloadable PDFs to help you start planning your next date night that your partner will never forget.


"I have always been the receiver, and that probably had to do with my insecurities. Now, I'm totally comfortable being the giver."

Lois - married 52 years

"I’m having conversations [with my husband] that I haven't had before."

Yes, I want a stellar bedroom connection!


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Lee Jagger


Lee Jagger is a Sexpert and Founder of Rock The Bedroom, where she has helped thousands of women connect with their guy and have more fun in the bedroom using her signature erotic massage techniques

After going from Sex Worker to Sexpert, Lee has made it her mission to normalize conversations around sexuality and empower women in the bedroom.

She has “hands-on” experience with over 2,000 male clients, and now teaches women how to touch a man in ways he's never felt.