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Lee Jagger, CEO and founder of Rock The Bedroom, has helped thousands of women connect with their guys and have more fun in the bedroom using her signature erotic massage techniques. 

After going from Sex Worker to Sexpert, Lee has made it her mission to normalize conversations around sexuality and empower women in the bedroom.

She has “hands-on” experience with over 2,000 male clients. She now helps women who are struggling with low libido, bedroom boredom, painful penetration, and their guy's ED (erectile dysfunction) to feel more connected to their guy than ever.

Author of the upcoming book, Rock The Bedroom, Sexual Empowerment for Ladies Who Love Men, Lee is bringing this taboo topic to light and helping women everywhere add more spice to their relationships.

After going viral on TikTok, Lee now has over 1.2 million followers with a total of 58.2 million views, and her most viewed video has been watched over 29.6 million times.

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Possible interview questions


  • What exactly is erotic massage?
  • How did you become a sex coach for women?
  • How many happy ending techniques have you created and how did you discover them all?
  • In your experience, what do men wish women knew about touching a man's body?
  • Not all our listeners/viewers are in a relationship and have someone to practice massage on. Can single women benefit from learning erotic massage?
  • Erotic Massage on men seems like a pretty good deal for the man… what do women get out of it?
  • I’ve heard you say that you don’t like the word “foreplay”... why is that?
  • What is one thing that women get wrong about the penis?
  • Can’t people just look online or go on a vacation to spice things up in the bedroom?
  • What is one thing that our female audience can do to add a little spice to their love life today?
  • I’m sure there are women out there who might be thinking, “Why should I rock the bedroom? Why is it my job?" How would you respond to that?
  • How can someone learn how to do these erotic massage techniques?
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