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This is for heterosexual women who have ANY of these...

✓  Low libido

✓  Vaginal dryness, making intercourse painful

✓  A partner with ED (erectile dysfunction)

✓  Can feel themselves drifting apart from their partner

✓  Want to have more confidence in bed

✓  Want to spice things up

This monthly membership is a game-changer for your love life

Hi! I'm Lee Jagger, your Sex Coach.

I used to provide erotic massage to men. I had over 2000 clients, and I developed 69+ techniques to touch a man's privates and knock his socks off.

Now, I show women how to WOW a man using just her hands.

I will help you gain the confidence you need in the bedroom so you can connect more intimately with your guy.

I've helped thousands of ladies... scroll down, and you'll hear how it worked for them.

The days of feeling awkward with a penis are OVER

Real talk.

You don’t have a penis.

So, you are already limited in what you need to know about male genitalia.

And the things that I teach, your guy doesn’t even know how to do on himself.

So he can’t tell you either.

Every man on the planet wishes that women would play with his penis like they LIKE it.

The skills you learn during this membership...

This is the Holy Grail, ladies. 

Your man will be forever under your spell.

Because you are the only one who will satisfy his fantasy.

This isn’t taught anywhere. I know because I've looked.

I practiced on over 2,000 clients to learn the knowledge and skills that I'm now going to share with you.

I touched 2,000 penises so you don't have to.

I’m going to spill my secrets so you can enjoy the fast track.

Are you ready to put on your big-girl panties?

If you have the desire to rock the bedroom with confidence and reconnect with your guy so you can have a deliriously happy relationship...

Then say “yes” to YOURSELF, and to this opportunity to make your EPIC BREAKTHROUGH in your love life!

~ Lee Jagger

Join the monthly membership

Women just like you turned their situation around...

Tina's sexless marriage


Patty has painful intercourse + vaginal dryness


Angela had low libido +
boring sex


Melissa's partner's erectile dysfunction disappeared


Julie got the spark back after 35 years of marriage


Cindy didn't know how to touch his privates


Stacey found confidence while dating

What sex education should look like


Here's what you'll get each month:


  New erotic massage techniques - follow step-by-step (online training videos you can watch over and over again) 

  Group coaching calls via Zoom every week  

  Techniques to open up communication - reach a deeper level of intimacy and get YOUR needs met too

  Mindset makeover - when you change how you think about your guy, he will treat you like a Goddess.   

The training in this membership 
previously sold for $5491 in separate courses and coaching... 

But, all you pay is... $69/month

Pay monthly, cancel anytime

$69 USD

per month

  • New erotic massage techniques every month
  • Group coaching calls every week  
  • Replay of each coaching call
  • Bedroom communication training
  • Previously sold as courses for $5491 
  • ** Discreetly appears as RTB Education on your bank statement
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$690 USD

per year

  • New erotic massage techniques every month
  • Group coaching calls every week
  • Replay of each coaching call
  • Bedroom communication training
  • Previously sold as courses for $5491
  • ** Discreetly appears as RTB Education on your bank statement 
Sign me up for a year

When you sign up, you'll also get these bonuses:

How To Initiate ... This video and pdf will show you how to start things up in the bedroom. You’ll get the exact script of what to say to your partner to make initiating playtime SUPER EASY for you. (Value: $97)

 Let Him Off The Hook ... This video will eliminate any pressure for you AND your guy so that you both can relax and enjoy the sensations together. No performance anxiety for you OR your partner. (Value: $97)

Feel more connected than ever

... in AND out of the bedroom!

Total Value: $5491

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 Feel more connected than ever...

Total Value: $5,491

Join today for just $69/month!

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