Feeling LONELY in a relationship is more common than you think...

When's the Last Time You REALLY Connected Physically and Emotionally? Join the...

Virtual Couples Exclusive  Retreat

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Feb 26-28, 2021

 Treat you and your partner to an event unlike anything you've ever seen.

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Discover How To Get Your Partner To Pamper You Into Bliss With Tools That Have Helped Thousands of Couples Spice Up the Romance:

Want to connect physically and emotionally with your partner? (even if you are on different sexual wavelengths…)

Wonder why some people seem to always be in the mood? (and secretly wish that was you...)

Worried about scaring people out of your bedroom when you ask for what you really want? (Your partner will love you even more for saying what you’ve been afraid to say.)

Want a proven step-by-step process to continue to discover new tricks in the bedroom (more variety to ignite more fire today…)

Hi, I'm Lee Jagger, America's sex coach.

I help ladies master erotic massage so you become a confident and playful sex goddess in the bedroom.

And I help men know exactly what to say and do that will make a woman want to be intimate.

Have you ever wondered... why did he react that way? Why does she always do that?

Well, get ready! Because at the Virtual Couples Retreat you’re about to find out… and what to do to ignite more romance.

Why do so many relationships suddenly fall apart for seemingly no reason?


Physical touch is critical for romance!


You're about to discover tools that help you to ask for what you REALLY need to feel that deep, lasting, spiritual connection.

Tony & Shannon
(7 years married)

“We would typically go on a vacation to Mexico to get the spark back but after a few weeks back home, it would fade back into humdrum. But since your workshop, that spark hasn't faded away this time. Actually it's hotter than ever.” - Tony

Ann & Jim
(21 years married)

“I have always been the receiver, and that probably had to do with my insecurities. Now, I'm totally comfortable being the giver.” - Ann

Al & Crystal
(1 year coupled)

"Knowing this information has honestly completely changed everything for our sex life—we had no idea what we were missing." - Al

Lois & Arthur
(52 years married)

“I’ve been married 52 years and after Lee’s workshop, I was able to have conversations with my husband I’ve never had before. It’s really opened things up for us.” - Lois

This event is not just for couples... find your ideal match when applying the techniques you learn here while dating!

Who is this event for?

1. Couples feeling disconnected and need some help re-igniting the spark

Sometimes it feels easier to break up or divorce, but you’ll just enter the next relationship as the exact same person with the exact same problems. Here, you’ll discover how to kick blame, shame, or hurt feelings out of the bedroom so the foundation of your relationship feels unshakeable. Everyone feels disconnected… you're going to learn the exact tools to recover.

2. Couples on fire and want to feel a deeper spiritual connection

Whether your relationship is brand new, or you have put the work in to stay connected, there is always another level of passion and play! Lucky you, you are about to discover unique ways to connect unlike anything out there… so that you both are seeing God.

3. Singles looking for their ideal partner

How do you know if that initial chemistry will become emotional intimacy that lasts? The good news is that you are in control. You'll discover how to OWN what you want. Your future partner will feel like they hit the lottery when you playfully initiate sex with confidence. And don’t you want to be ready when they arrive? 

NOTE: This is not a solo event; you will need to bring a friend willing to play full-out with you for three days.

What can kill your relationship are the things you don't know (and can't see until it’s too late)...

Do you have a feeling deep in your gut that it’s time to connect passionately with your partner (or in your dating life) and realize new levels of love, trust, and joy in your relationship?

The Virtual Couples Retreat is where you'll discover the exact communication methods and massage techniques my clients use to build trust, let go, reduce stress, and ignite even more passion.

Setting aside the weekend may seem like a Herculean feat with everything you have going on in your life. 

But your relationship is worth it!  

There’s a reason they say love is a drug.

Have you ever noticed that when the romance flows, everything in life is easier... People notice that you are glowing... You feel superhuman?

This is the exact step-by-step roadmap thousands of my clients use to go from feeling stuck to feeling bliss.

Imagine being locked in a room with your romantic partner for 3 days and getting closer every moment… in fact, you won’t even want to come out of your bubble!

Hot Stuff! 🔥

Here's what you'll be doing during the 
Virtual Couple’s Retreat:

Whether you’re excited or a little nervous… I’ll ease you into the conversation and give you some fun hands-on demonstrations for you and your partner to follow along. Clothes will come off…. How much clothing is up to YOU and your partner, of course! 


This event focuses on physical touch as a form of communication.
Get ready to PLAY!

Day 1


  • The magical words you can use to make your partner want to open up
  • Ask for what you want: fine-tune how you like to be touched
  • Discover the fun overlap of your love languages: Connect in new ways! 
  • Why “in the mood” is a myth: Find “in the mood” even when you’re pissed off at your partner

Day 2


  • Essential tips to enhance pleasure with oils without making a mess
  • Erotic massage for him: Feel like a king and a goddess!
  • Playful touch for her: Feel cherished and connected
  • Identifying the “unheard” love you didn’t think you were receiving… but you are!


Day 3


  • Next level bliss: Day 2 is mindblowing… and now there’s MORE!
  • Deeper spiritual connection: increasing non-sexual intimacy
  • What Mother Teresa can teach you about passionate romance for years to come
  • An extra special invite: How to keep up your momentum once Monday arrives

Imagine intimate activities that you get to follow along with in real-time from the privacy of your home.


Your camera is turned off... YOU are turned ON.

How to set up your space...


You will be spending some of the retreat in bed, but not all activities will be in the bed (you won't be horizontal the whole weekend.)

Bring anything that makes you feel romantic like lingerie, candles, feathers, etc. Once you register I'll send you a short list of supplies you'll need for the activities.

Drop all work and household chores.

Have your meals prepared ahead of time, or at least have all your groceries on hand so you can focus on YOU.

And don't worry, you won't be looking at your computer all weekend... you'll be mostly focused on your partner.

When you join the weekend Virtual Couples Retreat you'll get:

✓ 5 days of LIVE TRAINING starting February 26th with World Leading Sex Expert Lee Jagger where you and your partner will discover how to create a safe space to ask for what you need… and spice up your relationship with some new erotic massage techniques! [VALUE: $600]


✓ Access to our private community where you can ask all the questions you always wanted help answering… and I'll walk you through exactly what to say and how to romance your partner [VALUE: PRICELESS]


✓ Date Night Massage course... (immediate access when you register) start spicing things up in the bedroom with simple (but titillating) erotic massage techniques... you'll be in bliss before the retreat even starts  [VALUE: $100]

Plus: A special Fireside Heart-to-Heart to help you overcome the common FEAR of failing at love! Of feeling like you’re not worthy… Or not deserving of romantic love for the beautiful soul you are! Let’s help you remove these beliefs once and for all, so you can shine your light on the world... and at the same time give others permission to do the same! [VALUE $500]

Total Value: $1,200

Join Today for Only $97!

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September 8-12, 2021

90 minutes each day

Avoid the common pitfalls in relationships with practical knowledge, understanding, and tools.

Before you make your decision, I gotta say this:

Your time here on Earth is limited. 

And because of that, you need to STOP WAITING:

… for other people’s permission to ask for what you want out of a romantic partnership…

… or, for the day you wake up and feel thin/ready/worthy enough to claim your place in an extraordinary relationship.

Are you ready for that loving partnership that’s calling you?

Sure, if passion that lasts a lifetime and making memories isn’t your focus?

Click “close tab” right now, and move on to what does light up your soul like nothing else. But…

If you have a desire to rock you and your partner’s world in the bedroom, and experience pleasure, bliss, and confidence in all parts of your life...

Then say “yes” to yourself, to your partner, to your passion, and to this opportunity to make your EPIC BREAKTHROUGH a tangible reality in just 3 days!

To the extraordinary love you are about to share,

~ Lee Jagger

Total Value: $1,200

Join Today for Only $97!

$147 after Sep 5

Join the Virtual Couples Retreat NOW

September 8-12, 2021

90 minutes each day

Marie's experience with Lee's workshop


Frequently Asked Questions

Got kids?!

Please make arrangements for them as if you were going away for the weekend. You will be focussed 100% on your partner. This is you being a great example of a real partnership, providing a strong foundation for your kids.

(single and dating)

“I’m dating and it’s so much fun to have this much confidence when I first meet someone, and think, Oh, you're gonna like me!

Justin and Leanne
(7 years married)

"Our sex life was already pretty good, but after this...Good God! And just all around, we're having more fun as a couple." - Justin

For a weekend that will change EVERYTHING...

Total Value: $1,200

Join Today for Only $97!

$147 after Sep 5

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