"Give me 5 days and you'll feel more confident in the bedroom!" 

(The process is more FUN than you might think)

Rock The Bedroom Challenge

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‚úď Watch the replay of this 5-day event (90 minutes each day) on your own schedule.

‚úst¬†Spice up that boring sex routine

‚ústDiscover how to have a fabulous¬†love life even if he's got erection issues or you've got dryness.

Discover How To
Rock The Bedroom 
With Tools From 
a Sex Expert

Want to have a deeper connection with your partner in bed (without even having intercourse?)

Wonder why some women seem to always be in "the mood" (and secretly wish that was you?)

Not sure how to ask for what you really want (so that you can have more pleasure?)

Want a proven step-by-step process to keep your relationship fresh and fun (with variety to keep you WANTING to be intimate?)

Hi, I'm Lee Jagger, your Sex Coach.

I used to provide erotic massage to men. I had over 2000 clients, and I developed 69+ techniques to touch a man's privates and knock his socks off.

Now, I show women how to WOW a man using just her hands.

I'm looking forward to helping you gain the confidence you need in the bedroom so you can have the best sex of your life.


Physical touch is critical for romance!


Have you ever wondered, "What can I do to spice things up?"

Well, get ready! Because you’re about to find out how to ignite more romance.

Julie discovered how to be creative & playful after 35 years of marriage!


Find your ideal match when applying the techniques while dating!

Marie is confident AF!


Who is this training for?

1. Ladies who have a low libido, vaginal dryness, or a partner with ED 

Intercourse has become painful or impossible. Now you don't know how to be intimate with your guy like you used to, and you can feel the two of you drifting apart. I gotchu! You're about to learn the exact tools to feel like kids again.

2. Ladies who want to feel a deeper emotional connection

Even if your sex life is already spicy, there is always another level of passion and play! Plus, it's so much easier to maintain a great relationship than fix a broken one. Lucky you... you are about to discover unique ways to connect that will keep things in the bedroom fresh and exciting.

3. Single women looking for their ideal partner

How do you know if that initial chemistry will become emotional intimacy that lasts? The good news is that you are in control. Your future partner will feel like he hit the jackpot when you playfully initiate sex with confidence. And don’t you want to be ready when he arrives?

 These are the 5 modules you'll have instant access to:

1¬†¬†‚짬†¬†Think like a Sex Goddess
2¬†¬†‚짬† Things you missed about the Art Of The Tease
3¬†¬†‚짬† Avoid mistaken beliefs about¬†male genitalia
4 ¬†‚짬†¬†Touch him in ways he's never been touched before
5 ¬†‚짬† Becoming confident AF in the Bedroom¬†

You'll know exactly how to touch him to drive him wild.

Here's what you get:

‚úď 5¬†modules of training¬†(90 min each) with World Leading¬†Sex Expert, Lee Jagger,¬†to help you spice up your relationship with some new erotic massage techniques!
[Sells separately for $1500]

‚ústDate Night Erotic Massage course... simple, step-by-step massage techniques for his back and privates. ¬†
[Sells separately for $97]

‚ústGoddess Guide... this downloadable PDF is a concise guidebook filled with valuable key points¬†to help you remember what you¬†discover at the event.
[Sells separately for $20]

Total Value: $1,617

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  • Get the¬†replay of this event (5 days, 90 minutes each day)
  • Erotic Massage Demonstration¬†that you follow along with as you rock your guy's world
  • Replay the training as often as you like (you have permanent access... it never expires)
  • Get the¬†Date Night Erotic Massage course ($97 if purchased separately)
I want to feel confident in the bedroom!

Avoid the common pitfalls in the bedroom with practical knowledge and tools.

The days of feeling awkward with a penis are OVER.

Real talk.

You don’t have a penis.

So, you are already limited in what you need to know about male genitalia.

And the things that I teach, your guy doesn’t even know how to do on himself.

So he can’t tell you either.

Every man on the planet wishes that women would play with his penis like they LIKE it.

The skills you learn during this challenge...

This is the Holy Grail, ladies. 

Men will be forever under your spell.

Because you are the only one who will satisfy his fantasy.

This isn’t taught anywhere.

I know because I've looked, and it took me 2,000 penises to learn on my own.

(I’ll tell you the story in the Challenge.) 

I’m going to spill my secrets so you can enjoy the fast track.

Are you ready to put on your big-girl panties?

If you have a desire to rock the bedroom, and experience pleasure, bliss, and confidence in all parts of your life...

Then say “yes” to YOURSELF and your PASSION, and to this opportunity to make your EPIC BREAKTHROUGH a tangible reality in just 5 days!

~ Lee Jagger

Total Value: $1,617

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I want to feel confident in the bedroom!

Marie's experience with Lee's workshop


Frequently Asked Questions

Your relationship should
feel like a vacation
... ALL the time!

Shannon & Tony
(7 years married)

“We would typically go on a vacation to Mexico to get the spark back but after a few weeks back home, it would fade back into humdrum. But since your workshop, that spark hasn't faded away this time. Actually it's hotter than ever.” - Shannon

Ann & Jim
(21 years married)

“I have always been the receiver, and that probably had to do with my insecurities. Now, I'm totally comfortable being the giver.” - Ann

Al & Crystal
(1 year coupled)

"Knowing this information has honestly completely changed everything for our sex life—we had no idea what we were missing." - Al

Lois & Arthur
(52 years married)

“I’ve been married 52 years and after Lee’s workshop, I was able to have conversations with my husband I’ve never had before. It’s really opened things up for us.” - Lois

(single and dating)

“I’m dating and it’s so much fun to have this much confidence when I first meet someone, and think, Oh, you're gonna like me!” 

Justin and Leanne
(7 years married)

"Our sex life was already pretty good, but after this...Good God! And just all around, we're having more fun as a couple." - Leanne


Know exactly how to knock his socks off and get what YOU want in the bedroom ... in just 5 days

Total Value: $1,617

Click below to join for only $97!

I want to feel confident in the bedroom



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